Lightweight JavaScript-based user-agent string parser

Papa Parse

Powerful CSV parser that converts CSV to JSON and JSON to CSV. Supports web workers and streaming large files. Gracefully handles malformed input.

FeedEk jQuery RSS/ATOM Feed Plugin

FeedEk is a jQuery plugin for parsing and displaying RSS and Atom feeds. You can obtain feeds easily from any domain.

jQuery Nyan Bars

jQuery plugin for animated text and progress bars parsed from a simple string language.

jQuery Query Parameter Parser

jQuery plugin for adding query parameter parsing functions.

aciFragment – Store/read URL fragment variables

aciFragment can be used to store multiple key/value pairs into the fragment part of the URL, it is thus possible to implement interactive widgets that save states into the URL fragment and in – the same time – have the browser history work. aciFragment has basic scroll support (can use animations too), a default API … Continue reading