Android like pattern lock plugin for your hybrid app or for a website

Pattern Lock is a light weight plugin to simulate android like pattern lock mechanism for your hybrid app or for a website. It’s easy to configure and style so you can have different type of pattern lock according to your need. Is also provide some methods to use this plugin securely.

jQuery Validate

The jQuery Validate is an advanced plugin for an easily and quickly form validation. – smart pub/sub is a complete pub/sub implementation build on top of jQuery.Callbacks. It preserves the jQuery-chain! $(‘div’).channel(‘subscribe’ … ) and you can use regular expressions (containing*) as wildcards begining on the starting position within the string. So it’s possible to subscribe to multiple channels with just one call: $.channel(‘subscribe’,’CHANNEL/SUB.*’,myFunction)

jQuery tools

upgrade to object orientated rock solid plugins

using namespace plugin

This plugin is meant to simplify the syntax for javascript of creating and using a namespace, with an attached context for defining classes inside.