A jQuery plugin for creating 2D scatter plot graphs and charts.


A jQuery plugin developed to be a flexible interface with any SPARQL database.

aciPlugin – A jQuery plugin boilerplate

aciPlugin can help you write extendable jQuery plugins. You can override a parent method, call the super method or other parent methods and keep instance and private data. The extension to a plugin can have its own default options that will be added to the extended ones. aciPlugin has built in functionality to get/set plugin … Continue reading

Lightbox gallery module – Chrome Template

Lightbox module for gallery. Chrome Style DEMO. Lightbox gallery possess an ability to clearly display the desirable images on the websites.


Load one or multiple JavaScript files from the server using a GET HTTP request, then execute them..

EliteBox Menu

If do you need fresh menu for your project – see the EliteBox Drop-Down Menu jQuery plugin, maybe that is it. The EliteBox have to offer you high spectrum of possibilities.