Jquery DateSelect Plugin

You can easily use this plugin to the choose date.

jQuery Args

One of the most interesting features of this plugin, is the one that allows us to define optional arguments.

jQuery MarkUp

jQuery Plugin to call… well other jQuery PlugIns via html markup

jQuery smarTiles

A jQuery plugin that creates colorfull tiles similar to Windows 8 tiles.

DeYavuz Warnung 1.3.0

Warnfenster für deine Website, Schlicht und Elegant, Jetzt kostenlos und ohne einer Lizenz einbinden! By Onur Ömer Yavuz! Neu: Mehrere Warnfenster! Englisch: Warning window for your site, simplicity and elegant, integrated now and without a license! By Onur Ömer Yavuz! New: Transition Animation

jQuery Simple Magicline

Makes your navigation with magicline

jQuery shiftCheckboxes plugin

A plugin to enable shift+click to check/uncheck ranges of checkboxes like in GMail

jQuery Scrollable Sticky

A jQuery plugin which enables fixed positioned elements, that are higher than the viewport, to be scrolled.