jQuery Placeholder

A polyfill for the placeholder attribute, that also patches $.fn.val properly.


Sticky positioning polyfill for jQuery


Normalize the Page Visibility API between browsers so that the unprefixed properties and event is available. In browsers that don’t support it, provide a “good enough” polyfill.


Input search plugin for jQuery


The polyfill for `overflow:scroll` / `overflow:auto` and `element.scrollLeft` / `element.scrollTop` on Android browser.

jquery replacesvg

this is a simple svg replacement plugin.

Get Outer HTML

Get Outer HTML lets you get the “outer HTML” of an element, including the element itself, even in browsers that do not natively support that. This is a very small plugin which does not include a setter for those who don’t need a setter.

jQuery SuperSelect

jQuery plugin for custom styling of select elements.