jQuery Timeout Plugin

Simple, yet elegant jQuery.Deferred wrapper for window.setTimeout() and window.clearTimeout().

jQuery Maybe

jQuery Promise with evented resolution/rejection conditions.


A well-tested jQuery plugin implementing enterprise-level messaging patterns atop the OpenAjax [Unmanaged] Hub. Great for decoupling cross-component communication on the client-side.

jQuery async

jQuery async plugin adds Deferred to handle like the Mochikit.Async.Deferred.


Execute a function (e.g. show loading status) when a Promise is slow.

jQuery Gasp

Give some breathing room to your long-running plugins. Wtite $(‘.many’).fatPlugin() as $(‘.many’).gasp(function(){$(this).fatPlugin();}) and have a happier browser. It returns a promise!

jQuery Whereas

A promisified, progress revealing, cancellable setTimeout