jQuery plugin resizing a textarea to 100% height of the page – allowing for elements offset


jQuery plugin, for responsive pages, to set tags to same height. Happens during/after browser resize.

jQuery Expandify plugin

Super lightweight plugin to expand and contract textareas according to the height of user’s input, up to a maximum number of rows

jQuery navigateTop

jQuery plugin for navigate user in to page top.

jQuery Text Zoom Plugin

jQuery Text Zoom Plugin is a lightweight jQuery plugin that gives the users ability to control the text size, color, alignment and font family of an article on a page.

jQuery ResizeEnd

A tiny plugin to handle events after a (window) resize has been completed.

jQuery Grid

A lightweight plugin to align elements perfect in grid.

Simple Image Crop

jQuery plugin for image cropping in combination with PHP backend.

jQuery Touch

Drag, scale and rotate elements during touch.

jQuery Text Resizer

The jQuery Text Resizer Plugin allows you to create controls for changing the font size of one or more elements on a page. It gives your users a fine degree of control over font sizes. It is flexible in that it lets you specify exactly how to resize text, how it should be styled (via … Continue reading