jQuery Fitpic

Stretch images perfect.

jQuery simplegallery

jQuery plugin for picture viewing.

jQuery Breakpoint

Allows useful callbacks to be fired at set “breakpoints” or window sizes reached upon resizing the viewport so as to create responsive web applications.

jQuery Lately

A very lightweight jQuery plugin to lazy load images.

Fluid Text Resizer

Fluid Text Resizer is a compact yet versatile jQuery text resizer script. It can adjust the text size of a particular section of your page, such as just the primary content area, multiple sections, or the entire document in general. A fluid animation is used to morph into the new text size, and session cookies … Continue reading


jQuery plugin resizing a textarea to 100% height of the page – allowing for elements offset


jQuery plugin, for responsive pages, to set tags to same height. Happens during/after browser resize.

jQuery Expandify plugin

Super lightweight plugin to expand and contract textareas according to the height of user’s input, up to a maximum number of rows

jQuery navigateTop

jQuery plugin for navigate user in to page top.

jQuery Text Zoom Plugin

jQuery Text Zoom Plugin is a lightweight jQuery plugin that gives the users ability to control the text size, color, alignment and font family of an article on a page.