Assigning content to locations in HTML according to a set of rules, e.g. to accomplish responsive design.

Lightbox Photo Software – Glossy Template

Software for Web Photo Lightbox. Sticky Notes Style DEMO. Working with web photo galleries is easy when you have Lightbox Photo Software.


Resposive jQuery plugin. Easily respond to break points on any type of event.

EliteBox Menu

If do you need fresh menu for your project – see the EliteBox Drop-Down Menu jQuery plugin, maybe that is it. The EliteBox have to offer you high spectrum of possibilities.


A jQuery responsive touch carousel

JDS Slideshow

A responsive, touch enabled, ajax slideshow plugin for jQuery and require.js


jQuery plugin for changing css file automatically or manually.

jQuery event fastclick

Avoiding the 300ms delay of most mobile browsers before triggering the click event, to make mobile websites and html apps more responsive.

Lightbox Photo Album – Grey Template

Web Photo Album with Lightbox effect. Grey Style DEMO. Lightbox Photo Album is available in different versions: for Mac and Windows.

jQuery ResizeEnd

A tiny plugin to handle events after a (window) resize has been completed.