BttrLazyLoading is a jQuery plugin that allows your web application to only load images within the viewport. It also multi serves responsive images for 4 differents screen sizes.


jQuery Modal Window Effects with transitions CSS3.


A jQuery plugin for responsive navigation. Part of the Formstone Library.

jQuery Superfish Menu Plugin

Superfish is a jQuery plugin that adds usability enhancements to multi-level drop-down menus. Fully supports touch devices and keyboard interaction.

Responsive Img

Make your existing images responsive without creating new images.

jQuery lightGallery

JQuery lightGallery is a lightweight jQuery lightbox gallery for displaying image and video gallery.


jQuery plugin that simplifies creation of sophisticated password fields.

jQuery RS Carousel is a responsive and touch-enabled carousel written on top of jQuery and the jQuery UI Widget Factory providing a full and familiar API in less than 2.6kB minified and gzipped

Responsive Tabs

This jQuery plugin provides responsive tab functionality. The tabs transform to an accordion when it reaches a CSS breakpoint.


Advanced jQuery website menu plugin. Responsive and accessible list-based website menus that work on all devices.