An intuitive, lightweight carousel solution. No coding required.


Allow users to crop images within an area (fully responsive). Supports dragging (touch support), zoom and rotation.


An intuitive, lightweight carousel solution. No coding required.


A jQuery plugin for simple content carousels. Part of the Formstone Library.


A simple jQuery plugin that rotates text in and out on the matched element, on a timer, or on click.

jqrotate – A CSS rotation plugin

This plugin allows you to rotate n DOM element (e.g. div) by the amount of degrees given. Works for Mozilla Firefox 3.5+, Safari 5.0+, Internet Explorer 6+ and Google Chrome 10+

jQuery Multirotation

This is a jQuery plugin to rotate page elements by a given angle.

jQuery Rotate

jQuery Rotate is simple plugin that add css rotate property and animation.

jQuery Touch

Drag, scale and rotate elements during touch.


A simple jQuery plugin for pointing at things. Basically, you tell PointAt which element you would like another element to point at, and the plugin automatically calculates the correct angle and rotates the pointer element accordingly, using your choice of rotation plugin. Check out the demos and our rotation plugin suggestions on our homepage.