A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to display a progress bar at the top of the page that fills up as the user scrolls.

Scroll effect a la Google

If you have used the Google+ app for Android you probably have noticed the cool scroll effect. With this jQuery Plugin you will be able to recreate it with ease.


Easy auto-hiding and showing of the navigation bar as the user scrolls.

jQuery Mousewheel Intention

A jQuery plugin that provides a way to distinguish a user’s intentional mousewheel events from smooth scrolling events.

jQuery .inSight()

Determine whether any of the matched elements are located within the browser’s viewport.

jQuery Fixed Scroll Background

A responsive site layout with fixed-background scrolling sections.

jQuery Lately

A very lightweight jQuery plugin to lazy load images.

jQuery Scrollable Sticky

A jQuery plugin which enables fixed positioned elements, that are higher than the viewport, to be scrolled.

jQuery Skroller

jQuery plugin to transform any elements into a scrollable one.

jQuery NumAnimate

A jQuery plugin that gradually tweens one numeric value to another and displays it in the specified DOM element.