jQuery Fixed/Floating List Header

This plugin allows the user to create a list with floating headings while scrolling, a-la iOS & iCal day view. The plugin allows arbitrary markup of the header and list items, and will work nicely with nested elements.

jQuery GoUp!

A simple jQuery plugin that let users go back to the top of a web page.

Lemmon Slider

Lightweight carousel supporting variable slides/images widths.

jQuery Infinite Scroll Helper

A lightweight implementation of the infinite scroll mechanic. By providing two essential callbacks, loadMore and doneLoading, the jQuery Infinite Scroll Helper plugin makes it a breeze to add infinite scrolling functionality to your page.

Vanderlee Coverflow

A jQuery-based Coverflow components with optional mousewheel, CSS3 interpolation, transformations, touch swipe, reflections and more.


The jQuery fragment scroll plugin replaces the default fragment link behavior with a scroll animation. The plugin only works for descendants of the given element(s).

jQuery ScrollAppear

jQuery ScrollAppear is a powerful and agile content appear on scroll (or on other event triggers) plugin for jQuery.

jQuery History API

jQuery plugin: Change content div(s) with JavaScript – faster page load time!

Scroll Lock

Locks mouse wheel scroll inside container, preventing it from propagating to parent element