jQuery UI Selectable

Allows groups of elements to be selected with the mouse.

jQuery finderSelect

jQuery Plugin for activating file explorer type selecting to all elements supports Ctrl+Click, Command+Click, Ctrl+Drag, Command+Drag and Shift+Click.


jQuery-plugin for making any list of items selectable by mouse and keyboard.


This jQuery plugin make any elements in a container navigable with the keyboard. A class attribute “active” is added to the active element. By default, UP and DOWN arrows and ENTER are enabled in conjunction with the CTRL meta key (i.e. you must hold the CTRL key and DOWN arrow to move down for example). … Continue reading

Imapping map embedding plugin

JQuery plugin which allows a user to embed a custom map to a website, containing list of desired teritories and choice of drawing styles. Soon, user will be allowed to define events for mouse click on an area and multiple areas selection.


Easiest way to do browsable lists with keyboard


A jQuery plugin to easily create a Bootstrap-friendly table with selectable rows.

jQuery Bulk Select

jQuery Plugin for making child elements selectable supports Ctrl+Click, Command+Click and Shift+Click.