colpick Color Picker

Simple lightweight Photoshop-like color picker, now with touch support

Japan Map – clickable map of Japan

jQuery plugin for creating clickable canvas (as far) map of prefectures or areas of Japan.


A jQuery plugin that adds selector classes to elements depending on its width. Think of media queries but for element widths instead of browser widths.

jQuery ITS2.0 Parser

JQuery selector plugin for the International Tag Standard 2.0 (ITS 2.0). Adds selectors to get nodes in the DOM with specific ITS data. Also has a function to get all the ITS information from a jQuery list.

jQuery Colorselector

A color picker that allows users to pick a color from a set of predefined colors.


Query a selector while ignoring matches within specific nested elements.

jQuery Each Selector

Select in the DOM multiple elements with complicated/complex selectors to do the same action in all

jQuery Or Selector

jQuery Or handles selectors that might not return any elements. Its is akin to saying ‘get this element, or if that element doesnt exist, use this element’.

Near Viewport

jQuery selector to find elements near the viewport.