jQuery Timer

jQuery plugin for handling timer events.

jQuery Postpone – Advanced timeout handling.

Whether you want a prettier way of writing timeouts in JavaScript, or advanced timing events; jQuery.postpone is something for you! In technical terms, it is an API extension for jQuery.Deferred that allows you to use the deferred mechanism in combination with setTimeout and setInterval.


The purpose of the timer plugin is to provide a nicer way to use setTimeout function in webpages. The timer plugin can be used like any other jQuery plugin and can be attached to any object in the webpage (however, it needs to be a DOM element if the timer functionality is used to load … Continue reading

aciWorker – Abstract web workers and not only

aciWorker brings abstraction to web workers and allow JavaScript code execution even in their absence. It also adds the use of a FIFO queue so that it provides code execution in the calling order and allows CPU resources reservation when web workers are not present, thus ensuring greater responsiveness to the user interface.

jQuery Gasp

Give some breathing room to your long-running plugins. Wtite $(‘.many’).fatPlugin() as $(‘.many’).gasp(function(){$(this).fatPlugin();}) and have a happier browser. It returns a promise!

jQuery Whereas

A promisified, progress revealing, cancellable setTimeout