jQuery UI Effects Core

Extends the internal jQuery effects. Includes morphing and easing. Required by all other effects.

jQuery UI Drop Effect

Moves an element in one direction and hides it at the same time.

jQuery UI Explode Effect

Explodes an element in all directions into n pieces. Implodes an element to its original wholeness.

jQuery UI Bounce Effect

Bounces an element horizontally or vertically n times.

jQuery UI Fold Effect

Folds an element first horizontally and then vertically.

Kwicks for jQuery

Sexy sliding panels with an emphasis on navigational interaction.


A jQuery plugin to fade in images beautifully on your website

jQuery ellipsis

Support multiple lines ellipsis


jQuery plugin for showing what jQuery functions you use. Useful for custom build our reflection on your jQuery use

jQuery lightweight SlideShow

This simple slideshow plugin will provide your effect gallery