jQuery UI Size Effect

Resize an element to a specified width and height.

jQuery JIT image

This jQuery plugin facilitates the use of jit image manipulation on the server and medias queries. It also fetches retina image usign device pixel ratio.

jQuery Sizing

Bundle of sizing functions, exposed as a jQuery plugin

jQuery Stage

jQuery Stage is a jQuery plugin for detecting information about the stage, the browser’s viewport.

jQuery FontSize

jQuery plugin helps easily to increase or decrease font size of your website. You can change the font size for whole Body content or only specific elements in your page.

jQuery Text Resizer

The jQuery Text Resizer Plugin allows you to create controls for changing the font size of one or more elements on a page. It gives your users a fine degree of control over font sizes. It is flexible in that it lets you specify exactly how to resize text, how it should be styled (via … Continue reading