jQuery 2D Slider and Range

jQuery plugin select range or single value from period or 2d board

Before and after slider

A jQuery plugin for comparing before and after images side by side

Visual Lightbox JS – Native Template

Visual Image Lightbox with JS and CSS. Native Style DEMO. If you want to add more life to your website or blog, one of the best ways is by inserting a Visual Lightbox JS.

Scroll Fade

An auto-hiding customizable scroll bar plugin that supports native scrolling/mousewheel/touch.

jQuery Response Slider

a response slider jQuery plugin.

Lightbox HTML Generator – Noble Template

Generator for HTML Image Lightbox. Noble Style DEMO. LightBox generator uses simple drag-n-drop methods and allows you to create your picture gallery in few clicks.

jQuery Slider

A fast, lightweight slider implementation with many configuration options.

Spunky Slider

Beautiful jquery slider with easy to use customized html attributes