A form in slider form

jFormslider is a jquey plugin which you can implement a form in form of a slider

jQuery lightweight SlideShow

This simple slideshow plugin will provide your effect gallery

jQuery Sliderbutton

jQuery UI/Mobile plugin providing a slider-based button (“slide to activate”)

jQuery pepperSlider

pepperSlider is not another jQuery slider Plugin. It contains the basics features you can expect from one of these sliders, but in a very concise way (less than 6Ko) and with a great retro-compatibility (up to IE6).

Animate Slider

A jQuery Slider plugin with speacific animations for each element.It uses some predefined animation classes (fadeIn,fadeOut,rotateIn,bounce,slideInRight etc.) and adds them to each element on the slider.It also add classes with delay for each animation (delay1s,delay1-5s,delay2s etc.)

Simple Menu Slider

A simple JQuery plug-in to create a slider on the navigation menu

jQuery Image Reveal

A Simple Before/After Image Viewer


A fully configurable jQuery plugin to use beautiful and fullscreen slideshow in your webpage. Compatible with tactile devices !