jQuery UI Widget

Provides a factory for creating stateful widgets with a common API.

jQuery Phoenix

jQuery plugin to save form fields values to Local Storage via HMTL5 Web Storage API. Lost connections, crashed browsers, broken validations – all these shit loose forms data you’ve filled in with love and care. Phoenix keeps bad things away from forms. It saves form fields values to your browser Local Storage using HTML5 Web … Continue reading

jQuery Finite State Machine

a jQuery State Machine (FSM / HSM) to design and manage javascript web user interfaces, simulators, games…

Indicator – jQuery Plugin

Indicator is a simple library to indicate a step or position of a single element among a fixed vertical array of same height elements.

ProgressBar – jQuery Tiny Progress Bar

ProgressBar is a tiny and simple jQuery plugin that displays status of a determinate or indeterminate process.

jQuery state

Manipulation with “states” of DOM elements


This plugin adds concepts of event context and state to the jQuery event system.

jQuery Undone

The undo/redo manager for well formed javascript applications..