A very simple, very small jquery plugin: Makes all table headers sticky when scrolling. Weighs in at a whopping minified 1.26KB! :D

jQuery StickyChimp

jQuery plugin to mimic the functionality of the sticky menu found at

jQuery Stuck

A responsive sticky element jQuery plugin.


Automatically saves all form fields into cookies, and then autofills those values on any form that shares element IDs across your site.

jQuery Fixer

Fix elements like any other sticky plugins it do.

jQuery Sticky Sidebar

jQuery plugin that allow you add sticky sidebars to your content.

jQuery Scrollable Sticky

A jQuery plugin which enables fixed positioned elements, that are higher than the viewport, to be scrolled.

Hachiko jQuery sticky

A jQuery sticky plugin that allows a relatively positioned element to be stickied onto the screen when the element is scrolled outside of the viewport. Instead of changing the position of the element on window scroll, this plugin creates a clone of the original element and set the clone to be fixed positioned so the … Continue reading


Makes the page footer stick to the bottom of the page.