jQuery CSS3 Finalize

Automatically add vendor prefixes.


A jQuery kerning plugin specific with Japanese webfont.


A jQuery plugin for semantically kerning and styling text, written in CoffeeScript and JavaScript.

SVGStyle – manipulate with styles of SVG inline like ‘data:image/svg+xml;base64’

Plugin to manipulate runtime with styles of SVG and it’s magic. This is a simple way to manipulate with SVG-styles of ‘inline’ data like url(data:image/svg+xml;base64,…). You can use the dynamic change of style like $(‘#id’).svgStyle(‘fill:#333’) or $(‘.class’).svgStyle(‘stroke: #b3b3b3; stroke-width: 5′) or set it by default in tag data-svg-style=’fill:#bbb’. And now you can set the color … Continue reading

jQuery StyleSheet

jQuery plugin for adding, removing and making changes to CSS rules. Almost similar to the YUI StyleSheet utility.

jQuery Connections

Add stylable lines connecting page elements. Handy for visualizing relations and graph edges.

Radio Button

Radio button plugin allows you to customize the appearance of radio button elements.

jQuery Swap Style

Simple way to swap out CSS stylesheets using jQuery and the javascript CSS api.