jQuery Searcher Plugin

Connects any list-like data with an input for searching.

TreeGrid plugin for jQuery

jquery plugin for showing a HTML table as tree

jQuery Multifilter

Filter a HTML table based on multiple inputs

Google Map

A jQuery Plugin allows you to easely manipulate the Google Map API. You are now able to create maps, add some markers and create routes.

jQuery Sieve

jQuery plugin that allows you to quickly add an interactive search filter to any block of content.

jQuery Columns

A jQuery plugin to create a HTML tables from a JSON data source. It supports paging, searching, sorting, and theming. Columns is flexible and extensible with an API and support for plugins and custom templates.

jQuery Git vs Git

Simple jquery widget that displays a stats table comparing multiple GitHub repositories


Makes it possible to use arrow keys (or any key) for navigation in eg. ul or table elements. See the demo for more information.

jQuery Sortr

Lightweight jQuery table sorter plugin.