Another simple table sorter.


A very simple, very small jquery plugin: Makes all table headers sticky when scrolling. Weighs in at a whopping minified 1.26KB! :D


The simple jQuery Plugin for easy getting table cells that is positioned on horizontal line, vertical line or both lines that passes through the target cell.


Automplete drop-down lists the details in a table format. The plugin is useful when multiple details has to be displayed.

Cynteka Pivot Table

This is a jQuery plugin that can be used on a website for olap data analysis, smart navigation, data input…

jQuery THScroll

jQuery plugin for table header to have a fixed position to the page while your scroll down

Animated Table Sorter

Animated Table Sorter is a simple html table sorter, with the added benefit of animating the sorting operation.

jQuery simpleWindows

jQuery plugin – windows in your browser.

Chunk It – Crop and Gridify the Image

jQuery plugin for image crop and custom UI rendering and merging them with any jQuery plugin and any kind of javascript event handler.

jQuery Scroll Table

Simple jQuery compatible scroll table plugin