jQuery NeoTabs

A flexible jQuery plugin for generating acessible tabs and tabs as dropdown inspired by Dirk Ginader’s Accessible-Tabs


jQuery tabs plugin. Easy and well done tabs with many options and skin support

Tab Override

Allows tabs to be entered in textarea elements. This plugin is a wrapper for the Tab Override library API.

DD ScrollSpy Menu

DD ScrollSpy Menu lets you define a menu whose items are automatically highlighted based on the portion of the page the user is currently viewing. Starting in v1.2, you can now also enable a progress bar to be shown inside each spymenu’s menu item to show a progress of how much the user has scrolled … Continue reading


jQuery TabbedContent is a lightweight tabs plugin with all the essential, like history navigation and a simple API that allow you to change between tabs. If you are using a modern browser it will use the new HTML5 history API to prevent moving the browser viewport when it changes the hash in the URL. It … Continue reading

jQuery ScrollTabs

jQuery highly configurable plugin to handle scrolling tabs horizontally when not enough space is available.

jQuery autotabs plugin

Automatically generates navigable tabs based on your markup.

jQuery Matt Tabs

A simple, unobtrusive jQuery plugin for creating tabbed interfaces.

jQuery ShiftyNav

ShiftyNav provides a unique set of animations for navigation on websites, inspired by the Android apps and widgets screen, implemented similar to jQuery UI Tabs.


A lighter version of jQuery UI’s tabs. For when you just need simple tab functionality and don’t need to include the entire jQuery UI library.