jQuery plugin to tagging like a charm!

Bootstrap Tags Input

jQuery plugin providing a Twitter Bootstrap user interface for managing tags.


A tags manager, with this plugin a input field is used to collect tags and rendered as tags.

Tag Manager

A jQuery plugin to create tag input fields, which works nicely with Twitter Typeahead.js and Twitter Bootstrap


Advanced tagging/tokenizing plugin for input fields with a focus on keyboard and copy-paste support.

jQuery Continuous Calendar

Date picker and range selector with scrollable months instead of paged


A nice and tidy tag manager.


Selective provides multiple selection with autocomplete: a list to which items may be added by typing part of the label. A server-side or client-side source may be specified for autocomplete (see jquery.ui.autocomplete). Items may be reordered if the sortable option is present (this feature requires jQuery UI sortable). Items may also be removed. There are … Continue reading


jQuery plugin for Tag creation and management


A powerful and lightweight tag editor plugin for jQuery.