Stop Verbosity

Stop Verbosity is a jQuery plugin that limit the amount of text that is permitted in a textarea element by replicating the maxlength attribute for the textarea. A line of text, the indicator/counter, counts characters used or remaining when text is entered into the textarea. Once the limit is reached, there is no more text … Continue reading


Lightweight tab completion for inputs and textareas

Tab Override

Allows tabs to be entered in textarea elements. This plugin is a wrapper for the Tab Override library API.

wChar Character Counter Plugin

A jQuery plugin for textarea, text and password inputs to add a character counter bubble that fades in while you type and fades out when you stop typing.

jQuery Max Length

This plugin applies a maximum length to a textarea. * Always truncate or only warn when limit reached. * Customise the user feedback.


jQuery plugin for bridging the gap between html5 placeholder capable browsers and older browsers.


A jQuery plugin that add hint to input or textarea.


A jQuery plugin allows it to automatically highlight URLs in textareas like those on Twitter.


An interface for html input, textarea, and select elements.