Stop Verbosity

Stop Verbosity is a jQuery plugin that limit the amount of text that is permitted in a textarea element by replicating the maxlength attribute for the textarea. A line of text, the indicator/counter, counts characters used or remaining when text is entered into the textarea. Once the limit is reached, there is no more text … Continue reading


Lightweight tab completion for inputs and textareas

Tab Override

Allows tabs to be entered in textarea elements. This plugin is a wrapper for the Tab Override library API.

wChar Character Counter Plugin

A jQuery plugin for textarea, text and password inputs to add a character counter bubble that fades in while you type and fades out when you stop typing.


jQuery plugin for bridging the gap between html5 placeholder capable browsers and older browsers.

jQuery Max Length

This plugin applies a maximum length to a textarea. * Always truncate or only warn when limit reached. * Customise the user feedback.


A jQuery plugin that add hint to input or textarea.


Provides a deselect event for input form elements (textarea, input).

jQuery Listarea

jQuery plugin for turning a textarea into a structured list of items.