On-Off Toggle Switches

Interactive, accessible toggle switches for the web


A jQuery plugin that adds meta list items to master list items on hover.

jQuery Slide Drawer

jQuery plugin for a slide drawer at the bottom of your page.


Replace your checkbox with this toggle button à la iOS. This toggler replaces the checkbox (which gets hidden far away from the viewport). Attributes on the original checkbox define the labels appearing in the toggler, but you can also define theses labels globally. Accessibility is kept, the toggler can be switched with the space bar … Continue reading

jQuery toggleAttr

A simple jQuery plugin for toggling attributes, similar to how `toggleClass` works for CSS classes.

Adaptive Switch

Switch (toggle) with dynamic width that adapts to font size


Automatically enable or disable a button, add loading messages, or swap classes – all without the verbose Javascript.


A jQuery plugin that shows and hides content with a click event.