jQuery Navobile

A jQuery plugin that makes mobile navigation easy. To make full use of its features you will need Hammer JS and Modernizr but it will fallback to using $.animate. For a demo of the plugin in action head to the homepage/docs and resize your browser window.


Skew the shapes of elements without distorting their contents


HexaFlip visualizes arrays as cube interfaces.

jQuery Tap

A jQuery plugin that creates a click alternative for touch enabled browsers. Click events on touch devices do not work the best. There is a 300ms delay from when you release your finger to the time the click event is triggered. This behavior is not desired. What is nice about this plugin, and what makes … Continue reading


A jQuery plugin for smooth image exploration. Part of the formstone library.


jQuery special events for the gestures swipeleft, swiperight, swipeup and swipedown.

jQuery lightSlider

JQuery lightSlider is a lightweight responsive Content slider with carousel thumbnails navigation


jQuery plugin for creating performant, touch-friendly carousels.


jQuery special events movestart, move and moveend for tracking touch and mouse moves, throttled to browser animation frames, and exposing information about distance and velocity of fingers.

jQuery Eraser

Transforms an image into an erasable canvas (with mouse and touch)