Easy way to have multiple parent-child select objects.


Fusen is the sticky in Japan. This Plugin is possible to save the state using a callback.

Spunky Slider

Beautiful jquery slider with easy to use customized html attributes

Seamless Image Slider

Seamless images scroller with jquery plugin

jQuery shuttle

Binds select and button elements into a coherent shuttle element

Lightbox effect for Picture Gallery – Vista Template

Lightbox effect for Picture Gallery. Vista Style DEMO. Add a image gallery on your webpage to enhance presentability of information to customers and the clients.

jQuery UI Office Tools: Stickies

jQuery UI Stickies is a lightweight jQuery UI sticky note widget. The widget functions as a simple movable, resizable writing area designed to be used for simple annotations.


A super-simple way to style select elements.

jQuery equal height columns

This plugin gets the list of columns with different height, takes the smallest column and than assign that height to other columns by removing some text for each column and you have option to add three dots at the end.

jQuery Tour

A frontend presentation tool.