jQuery Fixed Scroll Background

A responsive site layout with fixed-background scrolling sections.


Scrolling navigation component for web apps.

jQuery SimpleChart

Small jQuery Plugin to display a Chart of Plotted Data

jQuery yan.ui.2D

jquery UI 2D plug


CashFormat jQuery plugin allows to replace standart text inputs to inputs for type money, like 0.00.

jQuery keepFormData

jQuery-keepFormData allows you to restore the values of the form’s fields, the state of checkboxes, radio buttons and select elements that the user entered, after reloading the page. By default, values ​​are stored until form’s submit.

DeYavuz Rechtsklick 1.0.2

Mit DeYavuz Rechtsklick können Sie bestimmen, was ein User tuen kann, wenn er auf die rechte Maustaste klickt! Fix CSS


Minimalistic and efficient draggable plugin for jQuery.


Ninja UI

Image Gallery With Lightbox – Standard Template

Image Jquery Gallery with lightbox maker. Standard Style DEMO. No specific and professional skills are required to start using this software.