jQuery URI

URI.js – Mutating URLs

url jQuery Plugin

A simple, lightweight url parser for JavaScript (~1.6 Kb minified, ~0.6Kb gzipped).

iOS App Switcher

Deeplink all your social profiles to native iOS apps

jQuery URLive

jQuery URLive lets you easily create a live preview of a URL.

jQuery hURL

jQuery plugin that helps AJAX apps interact with hash URLs

jQuery LiveURL

jQuery plugin to get an url preview like the facebook attachment


An abstraction on site navigation. When using website analytics, window.location is not sufficient due to the referer not being passed on the request. The plugin resolves this and allows for both aliased and parametrised URLs. I also provide an API helper method, which enables quick and simple ReSTful URL building capability.

Url menu spy

A simple jQuery (and Twitter Bootstrap by default) plugin to assign the selection items of the menu when url changes

jQuery Format URL

jQuery Format URL plugin. adds a protocol/prefix such as http:// in a textfield without interfering with what the user is typing. This is a simple plugin that makes it so when you click within an empty field, it automatically prefixes it with the protocol you choose or defaults to http://. When you click out of … Continue reading

jQuery Hashchange

A plugin which allows to bind callbacks to custom window.location.hash (uri fragment id) values.