A barebones jQuery validation plugin.

jQuery Validarium Plugin

Simple, easy and extensible form validation

jQuery Simple Validation

A simple jquery validation plugin for validating form that fit your application easily.

jQuery ValidateStrictly

A JQuery Plugin for Inputs with Parameters

jQuery Form Validation

Adds some very customisable, nifty jQuery validation to your forms and allows you to post the form with Ajax (entirely optional!). Works with all types of inputs, but specifically: `text`, `textarea`, `email`, `select`, `radio`, `checkbox`. Features customised validation fields, ajax posting, localStorage saving, email domain checker and more!

jQuery MaskIt

jQuery plugin for masking input fields.

jQuery Form Validation

jQuery plugin that validates forms with return callbacks


jQuery plugin for date manipulation. Sintax Directly invoke $.sumdate(date:String/Date,functions:[],sumValues:{},pattern:String,update:boolean); or Selector invoke $(selector).sumdate(functions:[],sumValues:{},pattern:String,update:boolean);.