wHumanMsg jQuery Plugin

A jQuery humanized message plugin is a way to neatly overlay alerts and message for users using your app. You can position your messages on any part of the screen and they will neatly fade in and out with any color and time delay you like.

mousestop jQuery Plugin

A jQuery mousestop plugin to compliment other mouse events such as `mousemove`, `mouseout` and `mouseout` coming in at ~1Kb minified.

wCheck jQuery Radio and Checkbox Input Plugin

A jQuery plugin for fully customizable `checkbox` and `radio` input options. The plugin uses images for background themes and selectors to allow for compatability with more browsers. Applying this plugin will not effect any existing functionality on your radio and checkbox inputs and you should still be able to fire any existing events already created … Continue reading

rgbHex jQuery Plugin

A simple yet intelligent jQuery rgb / hex converter. The converter will automatically detect the input format and auto convert it allowing you to enter either a rgb or hex value as input.

wPaginate jQuery Plugin

A jQuery pagination plugin for simply setting up pagination on the fly. The plugin allows you to set how many pages are displayed at a time on a sliding scale and also has ajax support out of the box.

wTimer jQuery Plugin

A jQuery timer plugin by Websanova


A jQuery plugin development boilerplate with some simple scaffolding to start building jQuery plugins.


A jQuery plugin for textarea, password and text inputs that handles common issues such as placeholders for unsupported browsers (including password fields), styling and labels.