jQuery jsPanel

jQuery plugin to create highly configurable multifunctional floating panels for use in backend solutions and other web applications. Also usable as modal panel, tooltip or hint. With built in support for bootstrap, right-to-left text direction and more …


jqModal helps you display modals, popups, and notices. It is flexible and tiny, and provides a general-purpose base for all your windowing needs.


The simple jQuery Plugin for customizable modal windows.


Responsive modal / dialog window for jQuery

Visual jQuery Lightbox – Beautiful jQuery Lightbox

Visual LightBox is a web photo galleries with a nice Lightbox-style overlay effect. * Cross-browser – works perfectly on all browsers (including IE6) * Responsive – smoothly adapts to any browser resolutions and device screens * Mobile-ready – optimized for Android and iOS devices * Search engine friendly and semantically valid * Unobtrusive – even … Continue reading


The simple jQuery Plugin for customizable overlay which covers a page, elements or iframe-windows that is specified.

jQuery RS Modal

jQuery RS Modal is a tried and tested modal plugin with a full but simple API.

jQuery jsPanel for bootstrap

jQuery plugin to create multifunctional highly configurable floating panels for use in backend solutions and other web applications. This version of jsPanel is optimized for use in a bootstrap environment.

jQuery Externalize

Externalize is a jQuery plugin which unobtrusively adds external window creation to a bunch of links. It’s ridiculously small (< 1kB g’zipped) and supports AMD.

bootstrap-window – the daringly dapper windowing solution for Bootstrap

bootstrap-window is the simply named, hugely powerful, daringly dapper, and quintessentially quaint windowing library for the popular Bootstrap front-end framework. bootstrap-window is developed with the idea of creating a responsive windowing system based on the Bootstrap front-end framework.