This version is old school, check out the latest version.


by Yevhen

Slider (or carousel) that supports "Slide", "Crossfade", "Fade", \r\n"HTML5 Rotate", "HTML5 Scale" and "Carousel" effects. Flexible, secure \r\nfor html layout (do not changes structure of HTML) and very simple to use. \r\n\r\nThe plugin supports Responsive design, images Preloading, Lazy Load and Ajax. \r\nAny HTML can be used as slide content (not only images). \r\n\r\nIf the Mousewheel plugin has been included on the page then \r\nthe slider will also respond to the mouse wheel. (Set "mousewheel" option as "true")


Version Date
1.5.5 Dec 2 2013
1.5.1 Oct 6 2013
1.5.0 Apr 7 2013
1.4.9 Apr 5 2013
1.4.9 Apr 5 2013