New Plugins

jQuery Webcam Plugin

A webcam wrapper plugin for jQuery.

jQuery Pagination Plugin

Probably the most advanced jQuery pagination plugin.

jQuery Form Watcher

jQuery plugin to watch the form field’s.

jQuery MessageBar

A top bar for notification messages. Dismiss it by clicking the x. Works with Django, but that’s optional.


Small 306 bytes jQuery Plugin for equalize the Width or Height of elements

MicrofilmJS – Browsable, filterable slides

MicrofilmJS is a jQuery plugin used to display a horizontal list of summary slides and expanding the selected slide into a detail view using transition animations. Slides can be navigated and interacted with using the mouse, keyboard or touch

jQuery Hopscotch

Plugin to manage and vary page layout for responsive design


A jQuery plugin that add hint to input or textarea.


A jQuery plugin that is a shuttle box ui.


A jQuery plugin that add keydown combo event.