jQuery Ajax Retry

Retry ajax calls using the deferred API

jQuery Timeout Plugin

Simple, yet elegant jQuery.Deferred wrapper for window.setTimeout() and window.clearTimeout().

jQuery Postpone – Advanced timeout handling.

Whether you want a prettier way of writing timeouts in JavaScript, or advanced timing events; jQuery.postpone is something for you! In technical terms, it is an API extension for jQuery.Deferred that allows you to use the deferred mechanism in combination with setTimeout and setInterval.


Utilities for jQuery’s Deferred object.


An ajaxPrefilter that adds the capability to have advanced retry logic for ajax calls while maintaining support for all variations of callbacks, including deferreds

jQuery DOMTimers – Deferred callbacks when DOM loads and renders.

Adds two functions to the jQuery library: $.DOMReady() – Returns a Deferred that resolves when the DOM is ready. $.DOMRendered() – Returns a Deferred that resolves when the DOM has finished rendering the HTML.


A jQuery plugin that resolves a jQuery Deferred Promise if an element is found by ID before a threhold time limit

jQuery async

jQuery async plugin adds Deferred to handle like the Mochikit.Async.Deferred.

Deferred Util

Deferred Utility plugin