jQuery UI Spinner

Displays buttons to easily input numbers via the keyboard or mouse.


A general purpose library for building credit card forms, validating inputs and formatting numbers.

jQuery Hotkeys

jQuery Hotkeys lets you watch for keyboard events anywhere in your code supporting almost any key combination.


Just what the world needs, another jQuery slider. YAWN. I know, check this one out though, it’s got lots of cool features. Here on CSS-Tricks, I’ve created a number of different sliders. Three, in fact. A “featured content” slider, a “start/stop slider”, and “moving boxes”. Each of them had some cool interesting feature that I … Continue reading


MagicSuggest is a multiple selection auto suggest combo box for Bootstrap 3.


jQuery plugin for embedding vector maps with reach API and methods for data visualization to the web-pages.

International Telephone Input

A jQuery plugin for entering international telephone numbers

jQuery Socialist

jQuery social media plugin for combining social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks.

autoNumeric – Currency formatting made easy

jQuery plugin that automatically formats currency (money) and numbers as you type on form inputs. It supports most International numeric formats and currency signs including those used in Europe, North and South America, Afirica, Asia and India (lakhs**)..