jQuery JSON Form

by Niko Berger

jQuery based form library that allows you to handle data within a js object (i.e. JSON) with html forms. You can modify all fields/properties by simply creating a html form with the correct naming schema (MVVM Pattern). The main features of this library are: Full standard html with data available in a js object Update an existing js object with changes done within a form Fully internationalizable with number format, currency and date formatting Provide basic functions for formatting (i.e. date/time, money) using html markup Provide form validation functionality handle collections (arrays) with subobjects provides helper methods to handle array manipulation (add new entry/remove an entry, sorting) using only html markup Can be used in connection with an autocomplete function to add new array objects


Version Date
1.1.3 May 7 2014
1.1.2 Jan 14 2014
1.1.1 Dec 12 2013
1.1.0 Oct 28 2013
1.0.8 Oct 8 2013
1.0.7 Oct 7 2013
1.0.6 Sep 7 2013
1.0.5 Jul 25 2013
1.0.4 Jul 23 2013