Video album – Dark Glass Template

Video LightBox – Dark Glass Template – No css, html, javascript coding, no image editing!


jPut is a small jquey plugin which you can put your JSON as customized HTML format easily.It supports loading JSON via ajax.jPut supports multidimensional json too. jPut also supports JSONP.


Easy way to have multiple parent-child select objects.


A jQuery plugin developed to be a flexible interface with any SPARQL database.


A jQuery plugin for creating stylised text prompts on DOM elements.

JQuery Uploader List

jQuery plugin to upload multiple files, one after the other using a queue into list.

jQuery Ajax Queue

A simple queue for ajax requests

Video gallery – Cloud Template

Video LightBox – Cloud Template – On click a thumbnail expands into a stylish overlay window containing the video!

jQuery ajax galley

jQuery pluginn for loading gallery images progressively when the scroll bar hits bottom of the pageS.

jQuery Ajax Loading

jQuery Ajax Loading.