jQuery Confirm Action

jQuery plugin that extend standard confirm dialog. Provide callback and can be also configured for each element through data attributes.

jQuery tryonline

An autocomplete control with only one line interface (No dropdown|select|combobox control). Ideal for compact designs

jQuery CORS ajax plugin.

Sends cross domain ajax requests through corsproxy.io

Is Loading – Show feedback to your visitors

Easy jQuery plugin to show visual feedback when loading data or any action that would take time. Also can disable form elements and put an overlay an specified area or whole page.

jQuery Ajax File Uploader

jQuery plugin for ajax file uploading with file progress


jQuery plugin that give you functions to get/set random values or call random functions.

domajax.com – use Ajax without JavaScript

Domajax is a free jQuery plugin that give you tools to add ajax calls within your application, without a piece of javascript. It uses HTML5’s data- attribute, and jQuery’s .on() method to handle your ajax interactions.

jQuery PageMe

jQuery plugin for auto paging.

jQuery Form Serializer

Simple and powerful form serializations with jQuery