jQuery Inline Easing

Allows jQuery Animate calls to take inline functions for easing methods.

Audero Smoke Effect

Audero Smoke Effect is a jQuery plugin that let you create a smoke effect for one or more elements, usually images, on your web page. You can create the effect of a little smoke puff, cloud or anything else you want that appears from the elements you chose.

Pie Chart

Simple jQuery plugin to render pie chart from existing html tag. Very easy to use.

CSS3 jQuery Slider

Nice image slider created completely with CSS core. It’s amazingly fast, lightweight, fluid, and retina-ready. Works on each modern devices and browsers. Smooth Fade, Slick Zoom, KenBurns pan/zoom, Simple Slide effects and a set of flat designs are included.

jQueryUi lighbox.ui

jQueryUi plugin to display a simple Lightbox. This plugin is built to work with TYPO3

Text Blinker

jQuery plugin to make your text goes blink blink. Inspired by blocklevel.nl

jQuery Fade List

jQuery plugin for fade in/out items in a unsorted list.

jQuery ScrollSlide

A plugin to run a slide animation at a specified scroll position.

jQuery Slide and Fade

jQuery plugin for sliding and fading out groups of elements.