jQuery Slide and Fade

jQuery plugin for sliding and fading out groups of elements.

Smooth Image Loading

A jQuery plugin to load images sequentially, thereby ensuring smoothness of prevalent loading animations.

jQuery runScore

Jquery plugin run segregator

Single Step Carousel (One Step Carousel)

The purpose of this plugin is to be able to jump from one item to another regardless it’s index/position in just one step.


jQuery plugin to create list with animation.

jQuery Swift Parallax

jQuery plugin to make parallax animations.

jQuery HeapShot

HeapShot image gallery for jQuery.


A simple tab group for most use cases


jQuery plugin for define a behaviour in which a HTML element moves, within the boundaries of an imaginary eye, in order to follow the mouse.


A jQuery plugin that populates the given element with album artwork from the last.fm api. Comes with sass and css to do beautiful 3d animations.