jQuery Background Position Animation

This plugin allows the position of a background image to be animated. * Specify positions by name or pixel location. * Apply standard speed and easing settings.

jQuery Blurr

jQuery plugin for creating trendy blurred backgrounds from an image

jQuery Cover

CSS3 background-size:cover behavior cross browser compatible

jQuery FocusPoint

jQuery plugin for ‘responsive cropping’. Dynamically crop images to fill available space without cutting out the image’s subject. Great for full-screen images.

Starscroll – A parallax scrolling starfield

This jquery plugin adds a fullscreen starfield, generated in canvas, controlled by css to any div. The parallax responds when user scrolls (no matter how big your content), or when is set to animate. Why? because every website needs a starfield!

jQuery Fixed Scroll Background

A responsive site layout with fixed-background scrolling sections.


A jQuery plugin that forces the size of HTML elements to be set so that CSS backgrounds are never incompletely rendered (cut off).


Attach a random background image to an element from a user supplied list on page load.

Background Image Carousel

A large background images carousel to show large images using the versatility of CSS’s background property. The carousel is adaptive to different screen sizes, plus swipe friendly to navigate.

jQuery Fitpic

Stretch images perfect.