jQuery Carousel

An extremely lightweight and fast carousel plugin, supporting thumbnails, and paging and several controls.

jQuery slideshow

Slideshow based on transition objects, and custom html structure.

jQuery Circular

A dead-simple, modern carousel library.


sliders.js is a tiny, responsive jQuery slideshow plugin.


jQuery plugin for creating horizontal carousel with multiple items per page, with left/right/page navigation.


jQuery plugin for creating portfolios, carousels, image galleries, and more.

Image Rotator

Lightweight jQuery plugin that crossfades through a series of images.

Single Step Carousel (One Step Carousel)

The purpose of this plugin is to be able to jump from one item to another regardless it’s index/position in just one step.

Radiant Scroller

The jQuery plugin that allows to create responsive scrollers (carousels) with grid and simple horizontal layouts. RadiantScroller can be cuztomized with the variety of options and. API methods and callbacks are available. Elements may also have animated captions.

a11y carousel

A simple carousel with a focus on clean, accessible markup.