jQuery Hex Colorpicker

A simple plugin for visual selection of colors via a discrete hexagonal color picker using hsl or hsv mapping.

jQuery Colorwheel

Resizable and scalable color wheel (color chooser) plugin for jQuery.

jQuery Colorselector

A color picker that allows users to pick a color from a set of predefined colors.


jQuery plugin for adding a decorative band to the top of an element.

Wheel Color Picker

A jQuery plugin to add color picker functionality to HTML form inputs in the round color wheel fashion.

jQuery Hottie

jQuery plugin for adding heatmaps to existing elements.

Input Color Shifter

inputColorShift is a jQuery plugin for dynamically adding a character counter and a color-changing bar to indicate your remaining input characters. This can be applied to any HTML text input field.

Syntax Highlighter

jQuery plugin for highlighting syntax in code blocks.

Border-based Chart Builder

jQuery Charting Plugin. You supply the data and borderchart builds a chart in the form of a colored border around your html element.

jQuery DitherJS

jQuery plugin for javascript image dithering using a fixed palette