jQuery HTML5 Lightbox

jQuery plugin to create simple modal lightboxes using the HTML5 data attribute.

jQuery form auto fill

Simply autofill an empty form with data.

jQuery.jCookie – be the cookie monster

jCookie provides a clean and simple interface for cookie handling. Create, update, read and delete browser cookies in a snap by gaining just 949 bytes in weight.


Initialization function for your own component. Object creation configuartion from HTML attributes. jQuery UI widget initialization from HTML attributes

Tumbles Youtube Plugin

jQuery Plugin which grabs Youtube video data using the v2 youtube data API. Displays the results using HTML templates loaded by AJAX.

jQuery Extract

Extract data in elements by selector

Data Attribute Events

Bind javascript events to the data attribute

Data Validator Cabal

jQuery plugin for data and forms validation / Plugin jquery para validación de datos y formularios