A jQuery image zoom plugin, with tints, easing and gallery integration.

jQuery mb.bgndGallery

This plugin let you create A flexible photo gallery that you can use also as background of your site.


Redraws the pages of the internet

Devrama Image/HTML Slider

‘Devrama Slider’ is a image slider with many features. ‘Responsive’, ‘CSS3 Transition Ready’, ‘Transition Effects’, ‘Progress Bar’, ‘HTML content inside a slide’, ‘Advanced Preload/Lazyload’, ‘Single Javascript file’, ‘CSS Customizable’, ‘User defined Navigation/Control available’ and ‘Pause on hover’. It support both images and HTML contents.

jQuery mb.CSSAnimate

Animate any DOM element using CSS3

jQuery Rambling Slider

A CoffeeScript improved modified version of the jQuery Nivo Slider by Gilbert Pellegrom, which is ‘The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider’. It includes some new options and methods to give the slider the ability to adapt different image sizes, flash support and transition extensions.

Letter Drop the text animation plugin

Animates a rain like effect on your text with letters dropping from above with a 360 rotation and time delay. Added in version 0.0.8 chainability with built in jQuery functions, enclosure to prevent any potential conflict with other JS code or plugins and bug fixes for multiple element usage.


jPoshLoad is an advanced animated preloader – think of flash-ish preloading with multiple instances.

jQuery highlightText

Simple Text Highlighting via Unobtrusive JavaScript