Tiny Pub/Sub

A really, really, REALLY tiny pub/sub implementation for jQuery.


Create Chrome-styled context menus (right-click menus) for any element.

Composite Mouse Event Performer

jQuery plugin for composite mouse event manipulation. This plugin perform mouse event distinguished between “click” event and “double click” event. This is useful in the case that you want to set another feature to “click” and “double click”.

jQuery event fastclick

Avoiding the 300ms delay of most mobile browsers before triggering the click event, to make mobile websites and html apps more responsive.

jQuery Eye

jQuery.eye is a jQuery plugin for monitoring changes made to elements’ DOM or CSS properties as well as monitoring changes of the returned results from jQuery methods ran on a given element. When a change is detected a callback function is fired. Additionally provided are methods for pausing a watch, starting a watch, and retrieving … Continue reading

jQuery DOMChanged event

jQuery plugin for DOM change observer events

jQuery Observe Enter Window

要素がウィンドウに入った/出たかどうかを監視するプラグインです。You can observe when the element enters or leaves the window.

timed event sequence

jQuery plugin to trigger an event on a collection at a regular interval